About Me

I’m Rachael. I’m a wife and working mother of 2 beautiful kids. I have a son named Atticus and a daughter named Winter. My husband A.J. and I have been together since 2007 and married in 2010.

This blog is here to kick ass and take names! I’ve always had a firecracker, free spirit attitude. Since graduating high school and having “freedom,” I feel like I’ve felt more like the person I’m supposed to be than I ever have. I started this blog to start writing again. It’s as simple as that! I remember in elementary school, one of my goals in life was to write a book. I rediscovered a secret love for writing in high school when my 10th grade English teacher praised my work.

And Fierce is about being your true self and living your life with a middle finger or 2 in the air. I talk about everyday things that I deal with as the strong, fierce, woman that I am. My blog is full of my views and opinions. I’m not saying mine are right or wrong, but that mine matter.

Be who you are and then some. Make your life your own.