Nebraska Strong

This past week has been a rollercoaster to say the very least. Honestly, at this point, I’m so exhausted. I can’t remember if it was just last week or the week before when half of Nebraska was in a blizzard and the other half had rain. That, the fact that we have have had over 51 inches of precipitation this season, and then it started to warm up…

Frozen rivers, more rain, warm weather… Resulting in the worst flooding in 50 years.

Ya know how you can’t totally relate to something until it personally affects you? That’s exactly what this has been for me.

It started this past Thursday night. AJ was out with a friend having drinks and I was laying with Atticus and Winter in Atticus’ bed. I would’ve fallen asleep if my sister hadn’t called me. She told me that they were leaving town and mom and dad were packing and moving things off the floor of their house and moving things higher up, in case of water. She asked if they could come over and I said yes but if you have an air mattress to bring it. I don’t have a lot of space in a three bedroom split level house.

I called my mom to talk to her about what was happening. She reassured me that it was just a precaution and they would be back to the house in the morning. She said that Dad and my brother were moving the hot rods onto blocks, in case of water getting into the garages. I told her to move all the pictures out of the bottom of Great Grandma’s China cabinet.

My sister, her fiance, and son showed up shortly. She said our other sister would be coming here too. When she arrived, she said that our brother was getting off work soon and he was coming here. So we had five extra people needing somewhere to stay and sleep. My parents and other siblings were going to stay in their RV but decided to get a hotel for the night instead. Thursday night, I didn’t go to bed until midnight and I fell asleep shortly after laying down.

Friday morning seemed fine. AJ was off of work due to starting a new job in a few days and Atticus started spring break. I had to go to work. While at work, it was all anyone was talking about. My assistant manager lives down the street from my parents. He brought his dog to work because he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to go back home. One of the streets on his way in was semi-covered by the river. It wasn’t until about 10 AM that they called for an evacuation. My brother and sister’s fiance had already started going back into town to get more stuff when they heard about the evacuation. So much for going back in the morning.

All day all I was doing was worrying. I couldn’t help but continue to look online for new information. Friends were reaching out to see if everyone was ok and offering places to stay. I told a friend I was in high anxiety mode but I think part of it was the coffee.

Saturday the water was still rising. Roads became fully submerged in the water. There were no ways in or out. The obsession with looking online to see if people were ok and what news we could see for what was happening was at an all time high.

We did have a good time at my nephew’s birthday party. To keep spirits up they decided to still have it.

On Sunday, we went to church. We also decided to have a dinner and cake at our house for one of my sisters. The plan was to have it on Sunday before any of the flooding happened. I told my mom that we should just do it.

My dad was finally able to get into town, to look at the house. The house was completely fine. Except the basement took on about five feet of water. Everything that was left downstairs was ruined. Well I guess, except for a few things. Two of the main things is the water heater and the furnace. Not cheap items.

My sister’s house that they rent also had water. They had about four feet or so.

AJ, my brothers, and my dad have been working on cleaning up and getting water out.

As horrible as this all is, there are places that people have not been so fortunate. People have lost their homes. There have been lives lost. There are some places that have closed school for the rest of the year! That’s how bad some of these places are. Farmers have lost livestock and their fields have been destroyed. They are saying spring planting is being pushed back or even cancelled. I read an article that it’s resulting in a $1 billon loss.

It’s completely unreal and totally devastating for some places. It’s going to be a lot of work to get things back to how they were. I know this has been getting national news. I just hope we can recover quickly and try to get things back to normal. It’s been a week now. I’m ready to have my house back to a more normal routine.

*All pictures except the red Nebraska one were taken by me throughout the days of everything.*


2 thoughts on “Nebraska Strong

  1. Yikes, the power of nature. I’m sorry you and your family have had a lot of water and damage, but as you say, some have homes completely washed away, not that such perspective really makes the destruction you’ve experienced and the clear-up efforts any more tolerable. I hope that’s it in terms of flooding for you all now, you could do without that happening again! It’s no wonder you’re all exhausted xx

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    • Thank you! It was really just a day at a time. Just had to keep waiting for the water to Crest and start to go back down. I’ve heard there might be some more flooding in April with the Platte River. Colorado had some bad snow storms too. So it’s all how everything melts and comes thru the rivers. There were other dams that broke too. I guess if they find another way or fix them… Crossing our fingers!

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