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Blogmas 2018 Day 3

The Grinch is a classic Christmas character. Whether you enjoy the old school classic, Ron Howard and Jim Carrey’s live version, or Illumination’s new one, simply titled The Grinch, we all love it.

Since the new one came out the beginning of November, Atticus had been showing interest in seeing it. We never see movies in the theater. Since Atticus has been born, AJ and I have seen two movies. We finally set it up and we all went to see The Grinch as a family.

To get us in the mood for the movie I found this recipe for Grinch Cookies. Atticus was excited for them. Putting the cookies together was super quick and easy. However, mine didn’t turn out anything like the ones pictured in the recipe. The author notes that people said theirs didn’t turn out like hers. She said elevation and cook times and something something. I don’t know. Mine didn’t make a thinner cookie and the powdered sugar, cornstarch mixture didn’t stay on the cookie through the baking process. I even tried just powdered sugar. And then I tried adding more to the top of the cookies and they looked a little more like the picture. They tasted good though.

Atticus was excited about the Grinch cookies and going to see the movie. He really enjoyed it. We ate the cookies up pretty quick! Like I said, they didn’t taste bad, they just looked nothing like theirs.

I didn’t bother making the royal icing hearts. It didn’t turn out and I didn’t want to waste my time. I did find another recipe for Grinch cookies, so maybe I’ll try that one next!

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