Autumn Feels

We are at the cusp of a new season and that’s so amazing! Autumn is almost baptismal for me. I usual do something fun with my hair, I wear darker makeup, I love fall fashion. I start dressing different. I love wearing jeans and a hoodie and being completely comfortable in that!

I’ve been wanting to start over with decorating in my house and finishing projects that keep getting put off. I finally bought new picture frames for my living room. Just took all summer to buy them and put them on the wall, one still has a default picture in it. I just can’t decide, but it’s felt good to make these choices.

One of my newest friends does special effects makeup. She has worked in some local, well-known, haunted houses in the Omaha area. We were brainstorming ideas for my costume this year and I’ve never had this kind of help with it. I’m super psyched! She originally came to me with the idea and I wasn’t feeling it. But I found some ideas on Pinterest and I think I’m going with it! I’m not sure how it’s going to work if she’s going to be working a haunt and helping me and doing my hair and makeup. I’m super excited to see this come to life!

I’ve plugged in my pumpkin Scentsy warmer and have been filling the house with those cozy scents everyone loves! I’ve been toying with some DIY scents that I want to try as well!

I haven’t really started decorating yet. I usually wait til the first weekend in September. Trying to get these little things done around the house, helping Atticus with homework, daily things, and now falling asleep before 10:00 PM, is now my new normal.

Atticus is ready for it! It’s his favorite holiday! We went to the store the other day and he was upset we didn’t get any Halloween stuff. He loves it all! The pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, dressing up for Halloween, trick or treating, scary movies, all of it! Boy after my own heart!

Pinterest has me feeling a certain way recently with all the Autumn and Halloween pins. To get all of us in the spirit, I’m going to share some of my most recent favorites!









These pictures are inspiring me right now. I’m getting excited for the upcoming changes. I’m waiting for a rainy, crisp, Fall day! I’m a weirdo and I love depressing, dark, and dreary days. Throw that in with the Fall and it’s a perfect day for me!

Are you an Autumn fiend? What are you looking forward to? What starts to set the season for you? Let’s talk about it!!

8 replies to “Autumn Feels

      1. The first cool breeze of fall, the trees exploding in epic colors, the fragrance of cinnamon and nutmeg, the first cup of hot cocoa on a cool evening, wrapping up in a thick sweater, the slowing down after a hectic summer, the first smells of a fireplace burning…switching from cool salads to rich soups and stews that warm the soul, long walks and hiking the woods, crisp mornings with steamy cups…..

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